It’s one of the most regular questions I am asked since the beginning of my exploration into the sex toy world. I feel I have become quite topic of conversation, well not me, my sex toys and products.

I must admit it has been a great educational journey for both myself, my friends and now, my customers.

The most common questions are:

Why? How? What do you do with that? and my favourite …..NO WAY!!!! Inclusive of a huge gasp.

So I’ll start with Why?

Why the hell not? I would like to know any couple out there who is still having banging un-routine like sex 7 days a week and a single girl happy to pleasure herself without some assistance. For those of you saying you know exactly what to do and don’t need a toy………you clearly haven’t used one!

Bringing a toy into the bedroom in a relationship opens you up to a whole new world of foreplay, lust and honestly, more exciting and different sex.


Just do it. I have a lot of ladies that say they want to speak to their partner first. Personally, I believe it is far more uncomfortable to speak about what you would like than just doing it. Be BOLD ladies, get one, flick him a Whatsapp and make him wait in anticipation. Same goes for men, just get one and bring it home! Yes, you should be able to “discuss it” but honestly, it’s not a car or a new piece of furniture – ladies it’s like shoes, you don’t ask him for his permission do you?

I will contradict myself a bit here, it is arousing to look through the products on the internet together and discuss too…..head to and you won’t be disappointed!

Finally here are 7 good reasons to bring sensual products into your bedroom:

1. It doesn’t have to be about vibrators, whips and chains to begin with. Start with actually making time for “making love”. Begin with sensual oils and massage, silk blindfold or silk handcuffs. Tease each other and just enjoy the moment.

2. They come in discreet incognito styles now, prying eyes won’t recognise them – plus they are USB chargeable, ain’t no batteries needed;

3. Did you know there are products you can use at the same time during intercourse? We LOVE theWe-Vibe4+.

4. It’s fun and exciting, most importantly, you will become closer as a couple and reignite that fire you once had;

5. You will both achieve climax in a new and sensual way;

6. Foreplay WILL exist, it will be longer and I bet you will both start to make time for sex more regularly;

7. Distance is no longer an issue, both the Vibease and the WeVibe4+ can help you and your lover connect from anywhere in the world. Don’t travel? Do it in a different room of the house or make him/her play with you whilst on their way home from work.

So who wants to play a new game, spice up your life and have some fun?

Start slow and introduce new items as you progress. Using a sensual product or vibrator will improve your sex life, I promise. Not only that, it will bring you closer to your lover and sex will be something you finally make time for.

Stay tuned for more on how and what to do. I will cover thee questions more in-depth, so much so you may need a cup of tea or a large wine to get through it!

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R & Ohh Lah Lah x