Top 5 Tips to smuggle your vibrator on holiday!

It’s time for that long awaited holiday, you’ve worked hard and probably spent some time away from your partner to ensure you get everything done in preparation for a relaxing no-stress holiday.

According to studies, more than 50% of couples are likely to be more intimate with each other whilst on a holiday than they are at home. When on holiday you have more time, you rekindle your relationship and your sex drive boosts! New surroundings, new spaces to play with and on – you’re going to have more sex!

With all the passion and excitement you may want to try something new or for those of you who already play with sex toys on a regular basis, you’ll want to take your toys. The question is – how can you travel with your sex toys and is it legal?

Majority of the countries that consider sex toys illegal are those which follow strict Islamic laws, think Saudi Arabia, Iran, UAE, Malaysia, Indonesia. However, other counties such as India, Vietnam and Thailand also consider them illegal.

**Honeymooners beware** the Maldives is also an Islamic country and therefore bans the importation of sex toys too.

Just because they ban them does NOT mean you can’t take them along for the ride. There are plenty of sex toys and vibrators out there that you won’t get busted for.

Think, Crave products like the Vesper and Duet, WeVibe4+, Vibease, perhaps some anal beads and of course lubricant. Basically anything that doesn’t look like the shape of a penis or cylinder and your fine.

However here are some further tips to help you conceal and smuggle your delights without getting caught or embarrassed.

1. Go Incognito!
As I said above, the WeVibe 4+ and Vibease are great couple travel companions. They are discreet looking and can easily be inserted into your vagina (WeVibe) before going through security or placed into your cosmetics bag in your handbag.

For me, I am always wearing my Crave Vesper Necklace and Crave Cuffs so I’m ready to vibe and play anywhere, anytime – even the plane! These items are on me and are completely incognito it’s ridiculous.

vibrator necklace....

Perfect for travelling!

HOT TIP – if you go through customs with your Crave Cuffs, make sure you do a loop with them and also when you take them off, loop them together so they don’t separate and look like cuffs. Remember they are just a bracelet and therefore state that to them.

2. Drain the battery or remove the batteries
Do you want to draw unwanted attention?

Most new and high-quality vibes such as Fun Factory have a special aeroplane lock on them. However, if in doubt, drain that battery so the vibe is dead – you can charge him on arrival or remove the batteries.

Doing this will avoid your vibrator going off mid flight or during the baggage handler stage. There have been a few cases lately where vibrators have gone off when the baggage handlers pick the suitcase up. This has caused delays, not to mention a few red faces of embarrassment.

3. Heading to a country where it is allowed?
YAY! – But also, do yourselves a favour, do as above, but also pack light. Do you really need them all? Could you just take a few favourites? Perhaps leave your big vibes at home and just pack the smaller ones instead? Again, a lot of counties love a good baggage scan. Do you want the security seeing your big beautiful dildo?

4. Be Cool
You know customs officials LOVE to pick on those who look suspicious. If you’re acting weird they will sense it and probably pull you aside thinking you’re a drug mule! Be confident – remember you’re not really doing anything wrong. You’re not hurting anyone and if in a country where it’s illegal and you get busted, play dumb. Pretend it is something else – tensions massager for your sore neck, an eraser, make up applicator ANYTHING.

If they open your bag and the vibe slips out, be cool, it’s ok you should not be ashamed. Be proud of your awesome sexuality – OWN IT!

5. Lubes and Lotions
You know the rules 100mls – clear plastic bag. It’s been the rule for over a decade no excuses. Put your lubricant, toy cleaner and lotions in your checked in luggage. Make sure to wrap it up separately in case it bursts, it could ruin your clothes or other items.

Not taking checked-in? Buy a lubricant that is small like Defence Anti-bacterial 60ml.

So you’re all set – follows these rules and be safe, not sorry. Take things that don’t look like a vibrator or dildo when unsure if it’s illegal and own it like a rock star if you can!

Happy Holidays, Relax, Play a Lot and Enjoy!

R & Ohh Lah Lah