With romance filling the air and Valentines Day approaching, a date night is on the cards for many couples. So if the onus is on you to select the perfect venue, this blog is totally going to help.  Ideally you’ll want somewhere not too loud or obnoxious and doesn’t have a price tag you’ll regret the next day.

Singapore is renowned for its bespoke cocktail bars, many come and go, but good unique ones stay! Now remember, this is date night and finding the right mix of atmosphere and romance is important. Sitting in an overcrowded bar where you must yell or potentially won’t get a seat is not what you want.

These 3 hidden-gem bars are guaranteed to fill this void and with majority of their cocktails being $20-$30 (inclusive of the ++).

For a twist, lets date-night out of the ordinary. Ditch the dinner and head straight for the bar! Don’t worry, snacks are included, you don’t want your night over too quickly due to one of you being intoxicated too quickly.

So why skip the meal? Spontaneity that’s why. When you go for dinner,you’re generally forced to sit apart from each other. When you’re on date night, you should want to be close. Holding hands, sneaky kisses and strokes to the face. You want to have in-depth conversations – these moments can’t always be achieved over dinner.

**Remember some PDA is cute, and some is not – make sure you know the distinction**

Back to the bars….

The Black Swan

One of my favourite, yet over looked bar by so many people who don’t work in the CBD is “The Black Swan”.  It has an excellent cocktail list and the 1930’s setting is eclectic. I love how the hostess dress in gorgeous black flapper dresses, glittery head gear and drown in pearls!

Black Swan Singapore
Two options, by the bar downstairs if quiet or head upstairs to The Powder Room where their finest cocktail makers will whip you up cocktail treats beyond your wildness dreams!

The reason why The Black Swan stands out for me is because I can never decide which cocktail to have and there is always a cool twist that goes with it. Each drink is made with love or something quirky. Think popping candy around the rim of your Rhythm & Booze or a side of sorbet with your BB King.

Want to start the night right with a light nibble or end with one, don’t miss the spiced nuts, frog’s legs and wild mushroom & bacon jam crostini – yum!

Bitters & Love

Free the Robot by day, creates love and happiness by night. Small and intimate, its cocktail list is one to be desired.

Drinks are customised to your taste – so why not use this time to see how well you know each other as a couple?  After all, the bar is flowing with love.

bitters and love singapore

The game is set, you both must select a drink for each other, start with the base and then add the love potions to it. If you are a bit stuck for choice, don’t worry the staff here are some of the loveliest people I have met – they will help you concoct an epic concoction for your lover.

Nibbles, they have a small selection of bar snacks, but make sure this is your destination earlier in the night as the kitchen shuts early.


I stumbled upon Manhattan with two girlfriends of mine, not on a date. However, we all insisted our next date night was here!

Manhattan Bar Singapore
Whilst it is in a HOTEL #bore, the moment you step into Manhattan, you feel like you have been instantly transported across the seas to Manhattan Island itself.  With cocktails formed and inspired by the different burrows you can pretend you are sipping a soulful whisky infusion from Harlem or be a part of high society indulging in something light and fresh.

What’s even better, each cocktail list is paired with a matching burrow nibble selection. Think corn bread from Harlem with your whisky or a street style hot dog with your Cosmopolitan from the Theater District.

Another reason to ditch the dinner and just nibble here too!

In all honesty, the door staff are a bit disconcerting, however the beautiful waiters inside certainly make up for that. Now grab a seat on the soft plush sofas and pretend you are far far away from here. Perhaps make plans for your next holiday together OR tell each other your ultimate holiday dream!


On nights like this you’re bound to run into a colleague or friend, no doubt they will want to join or ask you to join them. Or, they may just be rude and join you anyway.

To avoid them taking residence next to you, ensure you mention you are on a romantic date night, followed by a squeeze of the hand and peck to your loved one. If this isn’t hint enough, politely pull them aside and tell them that this is your special night out and you want to keep it to two of you.

DO NOT coil and make a joke of it with an eye roll. Be confident, you guys are on this because you want to break out of the norm. Get that friend or colleague away – if not, finish quickly and get out of there!

Cost Conscience

For those cost conscience, this is another reason why you might have to skip the meal, most cocktails come with obligatory $25++ price tag, some of The Black Swan cocktails are $21 price based, but what is another $4 really?

Now pick your two favourites, write your lover a sweet note suggesting a romantic night out and think of another way to please them. I promise you will not be disappointed, these bars are suited for the perfect romantic date night.

Enjoy – I am off to the Black Swan now, the popping candy is calling!

R & Ohh Lah Lah x



NB: None of these bars paid me for my comments or drinks – This is put together to highlight my favourites based on service, drink selection, romantic ascetics, price point and did I mention customer service?!  Think you’ve been somewhere better, I doubt it, but tell me anyway!