You’ve caught up for the coffee, the drink, the dinner – now it’s time to showcase your cooking skills to seal the deal.

There is no doubt that if you get to this stage of dating, you’re quite keen on them, otherwise why invite them into your home and show off your culinary skills? With an at home date, there is also a huge chance that you’re going to frisky too. But the question is; will it happen right there on the kitchen floor or in the boudoir later?

The first rule of ensuring you’ll get some fun under-the-cover action is to not cook anything too heavy. If you cook a heavy meal there is a high chance either you or your date will feel fatigued, bloated or too full. NO ONE wants to feel bloated or fat whilst getting naked during the dating period. So with that in mind you need to keep it light and simple.

When speaking simple, the worst thing you can do is cook something you have never cooked before or is too tricky. You don’t be out of your depth or need to follow a recipe to a T – it will stop you from engaging in conversation and make you more nervous.

Just cook what you’re comfortable with, it is far better to impress with a simple delicious dish, than something tricky or too time-consuming. Your date probably cares more about flowing conversation and great wine than anything else. Or is that just me?

So let’s get to the 5 seriously simple meals that you have undoubtedly cooked before and are bound to impress:

1. Spaghetti in a tomato based sauce.

Pasta is almost impossible to ruin and you can pre-prepare the sauce in advance. Whilst some people think this is a cope out – I totally disagree.

Firstly, regardless if they veg or meat lovers you can adapt, sauce can be prepared and you can enjoy flirting with your date by asking them to taste the sauce and perhaps, accidentally, making a slight mess on their face which you will kindly offer to lick or kiss off.

It’s sexy, its flirty, it’s easy and it rocks with red wine – remember to not over eat so you’re not too bloated!

Add a green salad and some bread with oil and balsamic as a side.

ohhlahlah pasta date night meal

Pasta is a perfect and sexy date night dish x

2. Tacos and Burritos – Who doesn’t love Mexican?!

This is a great meal to do jointly together. You concentrate on creating the meat or veg into a sultry chill and they can assist in grating the cheese, slicing up the salad and sides to compliment the meal.

It will help you see how you work as a team and also know find out some of their likes and dislikes in food. Avo hater, spicy lover, lactose intolerance – boring eater?! You’ll find it all out with Mexican.

**Hot Tip**  “Don’t go too spicy, spice lingers, spice stings….. even in your erogenous zones – don’t over spice, just don’t”

3. BBQ

If the weather is right and you have a divine backyard, terrace, balcony etc – this is the way to go. Impress him or her with your grilling skills!!

Note – if you don’t know how to grill or haven’t skip this. – This night is not the night to learn.

It is great meal option if you want to impress and let them sit and relax. Have a few sides already to go, tenderise and season the meat – then leave the salad to just before they arrive. This way you can pour a glass of wine for each other finish off the salad whilst chatting casually– then head out to the grilling area to begin preparations to show off you skills!

Don’t forget to check what meat they enjoy or perhaps try and mix of things, beef and reef rocks my world every time! That’s beef steak with prawns YUM!

Oh and don’t forget the condiments – a good set of condiments will certainly impress, in fact it will make you look more cultured, mature and you have taste.

4. Grilled fish/salmon and veggies

If you have a feeling tonight is a green light to intimacy, perhaps a light meal of fish and veggies is the way to go. What season is it? Head to the store and pick what’s vegetables are in season, they are guaranteed to be fresh and flavoursome.

Salmon increases your libido and also a lighter meal ensures that no-bloat or over-eating feeling. It’s simplistic and you can get creative with a side sauce or the veggies.

Ohhlahlah Date Night Dish

Light and Delicious, salmon is always a crowd pleaser

5. Risotto

Yeah ok another Italian dish, but Italians are known to be the most romantic in the world.

Why risotto – it’s easy and it’s a dish on worth making with company. Risotto can be painfully boring to cook alone, but with a date it can be fun and you can chat your way to it being perfect and ready – again tasting testing together is always fun.

Use this time to converse and if they want to help – which everyone always asks, have some salad greens ready for them to create a salad.

“If you can survive how different you both make a salad, they are probably a keeper. “

Did you know that you tell a lot about someone by how they handle a cooking and kitchen situation. Watch out for traits such telling you how to slice a vegetable, over dominating and not allowing you to help, not talking whilst cooking (can’t multitask!). You will see many new traits in your date whilst working together in the kitchen. Watch and learn!

Whilst these dishes may all seem basic. Simplicity is key – you don’t want to create something you mess up OR spend most of your time in the kitchen being totally unsociable. The idea of this date is to get to know each other more and casually converse whilst you prepare a delicious simple dish.

Desserts? Have some vanilla bean ice-cream and strawberries on hand or nice chocolates – to be fair if you have cooked a great meal and the conversation is flowing you’re more than likely going to be making out and possibly heading to bedroom instead of thinking of dessert.

Dessert can be a great post romp treat! Or….. shall we take dessert to the bedroom? Chocolate sauce on each others body…. FUN!

If the evening hasn’t worked out how you like – a yawn and the mention of a super early start will get rid of your date quickly. If they don’t get the hint, offer some chamomile tea and reiterate the early start! Still don’t get it – be honest, you really have an early start and just order them an UBER!

Finally, enjoy the evening – if you mess up your meal its ok, laugh it off and order some takeaway!

Love R & Ohh Lah Lah

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