Privacy and Security

Privacy & Security for our Customers

OHH LAH LAH is committed to protect your privacy.  With this, your personal privacy is important and extra care is taken to safeguard your privacy from the second you land on our homepage to the moment your order arrives at your front door.

Our priority is your Bliss & Satisfaction

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Strongest Possible Computer Defences

OHH LAH LAH has comprehensive companywide standards for maintaining the privacy and safety of your personal & billing information. Without boring you, our safeguards include multi-layered firewalls, virus scans, secured servers, mandatory password changes and the very latest in computer encryption.

Anonymous Shipping

All of our products are shipped completely anonymously. Depending on your order, you might receive a plain brown bag or an opaque pink or orange mailing bag.

We never put our business name on the item, only “Rachel Lee” and our city based address

Discreet Billing

Our efforts to ensure your privacy is extended to your credit card statement. Our company name will not appear in your billing statement. Instead your order will simply be listed as Early To Bed.

Making sure your order is secure

OHH LAH LAH takes all measures to protect your credit card information and personal data by following the strictest security standards in the industry to prevent hacking. All of your credit card and personal information is code-encrypted using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology. SSL works by creating a secure link between your computer and ours so only we can de-cord your personal information.

Happy, Safe & Loving