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PATCHY PAUL – Surf the wave of happiness

For years PATCHY PAUL has been the friendly face of FUN FACTORY. The waterproof and rechargeable vibration German-made bestseller is made out of body-friendly and odorless silicone, and is non-intimidating. PATCHY PAUL is inviting even to the shyest users.

Product Description

With its curved and flexible tip the PATCHY PAUL reaches the g-spot but also pleasures all external erogenous zones with its silky silicone body.

Thanks to its exciting, wavy body PATCHY PAUL bestows real moments of incredible highs and thrilling sensations right from the first insertion. Its stimulating surface paired with the talent to penetrate the deepest levels of feminine eroticism makes it a real special sex toy.

DeluxeVIBES from FUN FACTORY arouse the nipples, penis and clitoris with exciting vibration programs. PATCHY PAUL enchants with a vibration shaft made of 100% silicone and four scintillating programs which promise ecstatic climaxes. With the illuminated control unit LOOP with “MAGIC TOUCH” function guarantee seductive adventures even in the heat of the night. At the slightest touch it illuminates and following the intuitive control leads to the highest point of excitement.

No detours on the way to the top – that’s PATCHY PAUL’s special strength. He finds the G-spot without problems, so all a woman has to worry about is controlling the intensity of the stimulation. Just go with the flow and travel the peaks of desire with PATCHY PAUL. Even more thrilling – the TURBOBOOSTER, because with this front-runner will take feminine desire straight to ecstasy. PATCHY PAUL is a real classic when it comes to intense stimulation. Solo or with a partner, in water or on “land” – with this aesthetic love toy, peaks of passion are pre-programmed.

Feel free to dive in – that’s what PATCHY PAUL is also made for. The waterproof vibrators of the Deluxe line with convenient CLICK ‘N’ CHARGE charging technology make pleasurable moments are also possible underwater. Mountain climber or wave rider – the PATCHY PAUL is the right companion for intense moments. And the best part? Women can repeat this moment over and over again, as often as they want.

Technical Details:

•Rechargeable vibrator with approachable classic design
•The curved tip reaches the g-spot with ease and externally stimulates all the erogenous zones, like nipples, clitoris, penis or perineum
•Textured silicone shaft provides the right amount of friction that makes penetration extremely pleasurable
•Features controller with user-friendly buttons to control the 5 vibration intensities and 4 vibration rhythms
•Easily find your favorite vibration rhythms with the easy to use program button
•Ergonomic handle makes it easy to maneuver
•Powerful, quiet, long-lasting motor
•Rechargeable with the magnetic charging cable included (USB-MAGNETIC CHARGER)
•“Made in Germany“ with high quality standards
•Made of 100% medical grade silicone– safe and gentle to the body and odorless
•Velvety soft silicone surface
•100 % waterproof
•Easy to clean with TOYCLEANER or water and a mild soap
•Size: 22.1 cm – Ø 4.1 cm
•Available in Pink or Fresh Green colors


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